In this case we create a flowchart using Raptor Program. I’ve posted a tutorial before the use of Raptor, even a great tutorial – tutorial raptor use in blog – blog the other on the Internet. Well let’s try a problem. Example of Calculating the distance between two points A (x1, y1) and B (x2, y2). First of all, for example, we include the value of x1 = 10, y1 = 20, x2 = 30, y2 = 40 it will be processed A = (x2-x1) * (x2-x1), B = (y2-y1) * (y2-y1) and then to find the distance between the du point, we also include C = sqrt (A + B). then after that process the results will be issued, so the result is the distance between points is 28.2843. 












May be useful for us all. Sorry if a lot of mistakes preformance explanation

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