Cotoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris


Firstly, I would like to say thanks for giving me a great opportunity to deliver my brief speech. And in this chance, the topic of my speech is Save Our Nation.

Indonesia. A country famous for it’s many cultural backgrounds, tourism sites, wonderful scenery, spices, the friendly people. But that was a long time ago. A long time before corruption, separitism, poverty, violence, child abuse, and many other things that happens which threatens our nation.

How could our nation compete with other nations when we just cant build our nation first ? How could it compete when there’s still about 17,8% of it’s people still live below the poverty line ? The answer is of course no. A lot of bad things happen to our nation because the people who live in it. It’s actually funny to think like this but it is the truth. People do illegal logging and then the flood comes. Leaving hundreds of people dead, destruction for our nation. There are lot’s of examples I could give to tell you how damaged our nation is.

First an example relating to the environment. Illegal logging like I’ve mentioned before effects the tourism aspect .What is left for tourist to enjoy of a forest without trees and animals? Another is pollution. Pollution not only from vehicles but also wildfires done by men causing heavy smog that not only our nation is effected but also other neigbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

Second is an example related to the politics. As we know there are significant separatist movements in the provinces of Aceh and Papua that have led to armed conflict and allegations of human rights abuses. Following a long standing guerrilla war between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian military. In Papua, there has been a significant rise in the levels of violence and human rights abuses. They don’t care about other people’s lives and what will the war bring to our nation.

Third is an example related to the tourism. We all know about the bombing that happened in Bali, especially the most deadly bombing that happened in 2002, killing 202 people (including 164 international tourists) in the resort town of Kuta. The attacks and travel warnings issued by other countries have severely damaged our nations important tourist industry and the economy’s foreign investment prospects. We lost lives and maybe even lost the trust of other nation.

Fourth is an example of the entertainment that is consumed by our people. Lots of entertainment that is provided are full of violence, pornography, that isn’t suitable to watch and doesn’t give any benefit for us. Mass media has a strong connection with the community’s social life and culture. What exists in community will be reflected in media, and what is publicized in media will be imitated by the community. This is like an endless rotating wheel. How can the community mature while the mass media always serves materials of poor quality? On the other side, how can mass media change while the community keeps wanting poor quality materials? How can these poor materials that the media provides build our country ?

Fifth is an example that relates to the education. Even though the government has given the 9 year free of paying for education and BOS funds, there are still a lot of children out there that doesn’t receive education which is their right to have. Instead they wander on streets begging for money while they should actually study and play at school. BOS funds are not effective too. We can see that even in education corruption occures. The childrens at school are still told to pay for their school things while there are BOS funds given by the government.

All of these five examples that I’ve given to you are all related to the aspects that can effect the continuity of our nation. If we cant fix the damage that happens in here, I am sure that we can’t proceed further to a better future.

It is our responsibility to help our nation get out of this bad state. It wont do us any harm just by helping to make our nation a better place to live in. But it will if we dont try to. Why don’t we try it as long as we can still do it ? It may sound hard, but that what makes it harder to do if we keep on saying we can’t do anything to change our nation, to make it a better place. We should try first before saying we can’t.

So, believe in ourselves. And the last “let’s do our best to save our nation !” Thank you for your attention.



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